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Privacy Notice

Globalimagegrp.co.uk respect for the privacy of our visitors / customers, which is very important to us. We take your online security in order to better serve you, let us know how to use your information on our website, we have explained the following privacy policy.

We collect the information
We believe that it is important for you to know what kind of information we collect when you use our website. This includes e-mail, name, company name, address, zip code, city, country, phone number, password and so on. We collect information in different ways; first, we need to create and use access to our website to collect non-personally identifiable information. Personal identity information includes unique information such as credit card numbers and bank information. This information is unique to you.

2. Use information
We do not have to enter information much more times to help your website easier.
To help you quickly find information, products and services.
Help us make the most relevant content on the site.
Inform us of the new information, products and services we offer.

After registration, you will receive our newsletter, which contains information about sales, coupons and special promotions. You can log out by using a link from email or personal subscription settings. Register and order:
During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card number to us. In addition, we may ask your country so that we can comply with applicable laws and regulations, and we may also ask for your gender. These types of personal information are used to settle, fulfill your order, communicate with you your order, our website and the purpose of internal marketing. If we have problems processing your order, we can obtain personal information, please use our contact with you. e-mail:

You have registered your order and receive a free promotional notice, we will inform you that when we receive a new brand or style of new product, there is a great discount for all you need to sign up for our email newsletter. Your participation in the game is completely voluntary, you can choose whether to participate and disclose information to us.

3. privacy and security
We do not sell (or trade or lease) personally identifiable information to other companies, which is part of our normal business process. We use the latest encryption technology, but we also employ all employees who must sign the disclosure of employees to access any information, any individual or entity that prevents disclosure of the agreement.

What should you send to the customer?
Send e-mail content to our customers, which may include the following:
Transaction mail, delivery notice week trading promotion.

How do I cancel my subscription?
After subscribing to the link by e-mail or individual login unsubscribe settings